We have developed a new feature that enables to the operators who deal with home care to record directly from the smartphone with simple steps the performance of each assisted.

In the web part, the Case Manager will be able to plan and schedule the performance list that each single operator will have to perform with the assigned patients.

This programming will be connected to the “mobile” part through an App: with few and simple steps from your mobile phone, the operators can access the planning and record in various ways (NFC, QR Code, manual insertion) the start, the end, and the type of performance for each patient.


– Dematerialization: the disappearance of all paper forms commonly used for the client management and the recording of the operator performance, now fully automated, thanks to the direct detection of the duration and the type of performance.
– Time and Cost Reduction: the onerous times of frequent operations, such as reporting and documentation production rather than the search for information relating to a relationship of assistance, are significantly reduced.
– Simplification of operations: common procedures such as the planning of a new performance rather than the reporting of working hours, which than in everyday work life can create confusion and mistakes, are made simple.
– Simplification in Data Management: the massive amount of information produced daily by insiders is effectively and transparently managed thanks in particular to the “stamping certainty”.
– Efficiency data management: the complex management of what is the heart of the relationship between the assisted and the institution is realized in a simple and intuitive way, through the compilation of information sheets on the types of interventions on assistants (health, welfare, psychological, food, etc.).
– Minimum Costs and No Installation: Home Assistance Management is a software product developed to be accessible on the web or on an intranet, and on mobile, so no installation on user machines is required; just a browser to access the application.
– Adaptability: CisOnWeb develops from the many professional needs of its users and it is in a continuous comparison with the latter which allows CisOnWeb to evolve with their needs.
– Security and Control: the warning and signaling system allows the manager to know if the performance has been performed, at what time it is defined, and whether the operator is at the patient. This system therefore allows to have real-time information on the activity and safety of all the staff.
– Geolocalization: the system automatically reports to the manager (Nursing Home Manager) and/or the operator through a system of notifications (even if there is no Internet connection), any deviations from what is planned, such as, for example, the operator’s delay. In this case, if the operator does not register the presence within a certain time (settable), the application will send the information in real time via notification to the Case Manager.