CisOnWeb: ECONOMIC Assistance Management

Gestione Assistenza Economica

the software allows a simple and efficient management of Economic Assistance activities carried out by social cooperatives, consortia and inter-municipal social welfare departments, and similar institutions.

CisOnWeb software  provide for a specific supplementary module related to Economic Assistance, which is often required along with Social Care Records, which allows a complete and simple management of all the main operations. In order to have an overview of the patient financial situation, all his personal information have to be gathered on the platform (including all kind of income and outflow). The software consent you to calculate and organize an economic plan for financing household budget integration, based on the financial evaluation. All entries will be stored in our database and at your disposal for future review.

economic assistance

which are the software benefits?


the disappearance of all paper forms commonly used to manage people in the structure, such as user listing, rating sheets, activities, relationships, etc. all are handled by the computer and printed only when needed.

Time and Cost Reduction

the onerous times of frequent operations, such as reporting and documentation production rather than the search for information relating to a relationship of assistance, are significantly reduced.

Simplification of operations

all the common procedures of everyday work life that can generate confusion and mistakes, now are made simple.

Simplification in Data Management

the massive amount of information produced daily by insiders is effectively and transparently managed.

Efficiency data management

the complex management of what is the heart of the relationship between the assisted and the institution is realized in a simple and intuitive way, through the compilation of information forms.

Minimum Costs and No Installation

 the software was developed to be accessible on the web or on an intranet, and on mobile, so no installation on user machines is required; just a browser to access the application.


CisOnWeb develops from the many professional needs of its users and it is in a continuous comparison with the latter which allows CisOnWeb to evolve with their needs.

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