CisOnWeb: digital Social Care Record

cartella sociale

the software allows a simple, complete and efficient management of Digital Social Care Records used by social cooperatives, consortia and inter-municipal social welfare departments, and similar institutions.

We have been developing CisOnWeb with the aim of creating a software to maximize and simplify the quality of managing social-welfare activities through the digitalization of all Social Care Records and paperwork related to activities and operations within this area, including some custom health record forms for the users.

Starting from the First Evalutation of a future patient, through the actual activity of assistance, until the last assistance report, CisOnWeb provides effective tools to manage the set of all operations, allowing the integration of a multitude of professionals figure, working within the social care world.

CisOnWeb gives a concrete answer to the most common issues that, in the field of social welfare  are faced daily at any workplace, such as the ability to:
– Record new Evaluations without the necessity of filling in complex forms and paperwork.
Easily handle the admittance rather than the refusal of the assistance services of a new client.
Quickly find information about the general status of a route of assistance.
Organize home care operations efficiently.
Access at any moment to a substantial documentation and complex reporting.

Funzionalità Cisonweb


Time Reduction

The onerous times of frequent operations, such as reporting and documentation production rather than the search for informationrelating to a relationship of assistance, are significantly reduced.

Simplification of operations

Common procedures such as recording a First Aid rather than taking charge, which than in everyday work life can create confusion and mistakes, are made simple.

Simplification in Data Management

The massive amount of information produced daily by insiders is effectively and transparently managed by CisOnWeb.

Efficiency in the management of interventions and performance

The complex management of what is the heart of the relationship between the assisted and the institution is realized in a simple and intuitive way.

Operational Uniformity

Through multi-user management, CisOnWeb is fully adapted to the needs of many professional profiles, thus eliminating the disproportionate dispersion in the use of management tools.


CisOnWeb develops from the many professional needs of its users and it is in a continuous comparison with the latter which allows CisOnWeb to evolve with their needs.

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